Cultural Sector Practitioner

Developing and Delivering Award Winning Cultural Projects

Tom has a proven track record of developing and delivering high quality and high profile cultural projects. 

Having started young with the DIY Collective in Scarborough, Tom has over 20 years professional experience in the sector with a plethora of strategic and operational oversight. 

Tom’s passion for the arts and competency as an administrator makes him an asset for any project. 



Tom has a a vast experience of making and building items, props and decor for festivals.

From large scale projects including Dance Aerial Rigs, Fire Arches and interactive wheels of fortune to small and intricate headwear and jewellery and costume. 


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Site Management and Logistics

Festival Site design is a complex and fundamental part of Event management. 

Site lines, access, utilities, atmosphere and value for money are all things that quality site design delivers .

From beaches to lakes, from green field, deep dark woods to city centre parks and squares Tom has designed and delivered in a range of settings.
Whatever your site difficulties Tom will have an solution!

Cost Effective Delivery

Knowledge and experience are key to ensuring best value for money in the Events industry. 

A reliable financial manager and budget controller; Tom has a proven track record of delivering high quality projects in the face of restrictive budgets.